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Position : Vice President – Cloud SaaS Success
Experience: Min. 10 yrs
Qualification : MBA (Marketing)
Location : Hyderabad (work from office)

About the Role:

The role entails

  • Strategizing cloud product launches and all related aspects to that from Branding & Marketing perspective
  • Reporting on sales activity and forecast to Sathguru leadership team
  • Partner/Customer Management as the case may be, towards enhancing trust and reputation
  • Meet and exceed quarterly and annual sales targets
  • Ongoing coaching and development of sales, marketing, and branding teams
  • Making logical launch plans after thoughtful analysis of market gap and competition dynamics
  • To be overall responsible for the Marketing efforts of all cloud products of the Company

Must have qualities:

  • The ideal candidate is dynamic, humble, and highly person-oriented.
  • A strategic thinker who can drive the team passionately with the highest motivation
  • A person who can bestow the personal touch along with corporate culture
  • An internationally exposed market thinker, doer, and accomplisher
  • Passionate about building global markets for new entrant products
  • Sincere, dedicated, energetic and creative in problem-solving

What we can offer

  • An open, inclusive, and supportive culture
  • Passionate and supportive of your career growth
  • Innovate and improve products to make it more competitive
  • Status of thought leadership in our product areas with flowing knowledge
Job opening-Vice President- Cloud Saas Success for Sathguru software ERP products- Hyderabad

Job opening - Hyderabad- Cloud ERP products, Retail Viva, AI, RemoteCrop, CryptoESIGN, Blockchain integration, SAWIS, Simvey, Sart, 4S, RIGA, Drona, Tulsi, Signho, InfoGrid, DocInDesign, TetraAbout Sathguru

Sathguru Software is a subsidiary of long-standing Sathguru Management Consultants. Sathguru is predominantly into Enterprise applications and more into vertical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products. We focus on helping companies achieve the scale of systemization through their entire enterprise. We have plans to launch ten cloud products in the next 12 months with no plans to slow down after that as well

We are extremely customer focussed, results-driven, partnership-oriented, and transparent. We embrace challenges with welcome hands and have the courage, determination, focus, and perseverance to accomplish things internally. We have, over 20 years of our existence, scarcely bought tools to achieve our biggest challenges.

We are a pure-play software product company with no focus on services and have resolved to become a cloud-only company henceforth. Our on premise vertical ERP products have been in operation by clients over 18+ years now. We foster a culture of perpetual innovation and growth.

Vice President – Cloud SaaS Success
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