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Sathguru – A Deep-rooted culture of Familial Bonding

Ambitious minds have a certain affinity towards challenges and that is what makes them a suitable candidate for any professional environment. But the prolonged period of challenge that the entire world is into is something that could have never been fathomed and has vexed even the strongest of minds.

Riding the change management almost smoothly, Sathguru has adeptly embraced the virtual connection space. There have been virtual events already hosted in a span of 6 months. Championing all the technical difficulties it is simply heartwarming to see all the associates connecting together and joining each other in freewheeling conversations and activities in digitally hosted events. It is a celebration of the bond that brand Sathguru has nurtured over the years.

Well, this connect is not only limited to the associates but goes far beyond to their families and extended families. It is the people and their trust that create the emotion that drives the brand Sathguru and it is this emotion that drives us in delivering the best of what we do. Just as we are applauded by our clients for our knowledge and dexterity so are we showered by the joy of togetherness of the people who supports us at every step.

The chain of events started with a virtual treasure hunt, which ensured active participation of all the associates along with their family members. The enthusiasm with which each one was involved in solving the riddles and laying their hands on the clue, was a much needed recreation during the lockdown. The HR team’s endeavor to device a way of relieving stress for the associates further brought in a gamut of fun activities like tambola, family chat show and musical evening. The musical evening turned out to be a grand fest with the active participation of the parents and the grandparents of our associates as well, who mesmerized the audience with their mellifluous performance.

A culinary affair was also organized for the parents and grandparents of our associates who brought in enthusiasm and creativity to the traditional dishes. The Sathguru Masterchef Challenge witnessed the love and care that was a primary ingredient in creating the special flavor to the recipes adding on to the fervor of the whole evening.

The lockdown as a result of the pandemic, was something absolutely new that was hardly experienced in the near past. Though the adults had their own coping mechanisms for being restricted at home, the kids had a very troubled time. To ease the difficulty of managing the kids at home, Sathguru ensured kids at work with variety of virtual events that kept them engaged and added on some glee to their anxious faces. There were learning sessions, various contests and talent rounds which was not only recreative but also informative enabling a diverse learning experience for the young minds. Sathguru Kids’ Musical Evening had a flurry of talented musicians that boosted both the confidence levels of the kids as well kept everyone glued to the event.

The overwhelming response to the virtual events are a testimony to the fact that these are a relief over the stress and anxiety of the trying times. Connecting with people gives us a sense of positivity and zeal to face the challenges and the changes of the upcoming times. Moreover, with an ingrained culture of familial connect the essence of brand Sathguru is to motivate and foster the well-being of its associates.

Be it a chat show or any event, the youngest to the oldest faces light up with vivacity and joy in the virtual screens. Social distance paved a way to the new version of communication where the connect is way far-reaching. The events connected people from varied demographics in quest for meeting and greeting known faces that they haven’t seen since quite some time. It is quite evident that these engagements keep up the positive energy of all the associates and their family members, leading to stress-free work-life balance. Sathguru takes pride in its associates and their family who strengthen and enhance the value and culture of this organization. We proudly say that the pandemic has brought us closer and has fortified the culture that has been prevalent since decades.


Sathguru – A Deep-rooted culture of Familial Bonding

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