Sathguru has always delved into a holistic development and professional well-being of its associates through a culture of continuous experiential learning. Driving growth through various knowledge sharing sessions and professional advancement courses is a common practice at Sathguru. There is an environment of mutual learning that is heightened through various skill enhancement sessions aligning to Sathguru’s mission and creating an overall impact on our associates and clients. The organization has enriched and nurtured thought leaders and best minds who have won many accolades globally for their knowledge and prowess, which is a testimony to the professional nourishment they have experienced here.  


There are numerous training organized throughout the year in a variety of areas from soft skills to hardcore functional modules enhancing the leadership skills and gearing the associates to meet challenges with high level of confidence and knowledge. Global industry experts are also invited to share their experiences, strategies and insights on the best practices in the focused sectors. The trainings are pragmatic in nature that helps associates in strategic decision making, catalyzing success for clients and self-development. Sathguru provides an outstanding platform of learning, sharing and enriching oneself holistically. 

Sathguru is THE place to learn, deliver, re-learn, experience and grow as thought leaders creating a global impact. 

Save The Right Way

An insightful age-old adage says “Money is like a knife. If you use it poorly, it can kill you. But if you use it wisely, it will feed you for the rest of your life.” Sounds interesting. Money is simply a tool you should learn to utilise. The more you learn, the better you’ll be able to wield it in a way that achieves your goals.

Digital Marketing Course

As an effort to keep up the environment of continuous learning, Mr. Vijay Pasupulati and Mr. Debajyoti Sharma from GreyCampus shared their experience and knowledge with the senior associates of Sathguru on strategies and tools to create successful digital marketing plans through an engaging session on December 12, 2020.

Sathguru Wellness Session – Toddlers to Teens

Trapped in the daily routine of the numerous activities from school to games, the young ones often miss out on the right nutrients that are essential for the growing mind and body. A wellness Session on Healthy Eating for Children: Toddlers to Teens – The New Norm was facilitated by Dr. Latha Sashi, Chief Nutritionist, Head-Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Department, Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad.

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