Sathguru takes pride in congratulating Hanumantha Rao for being promoted to AVP & Principal Architect – Cloud Products. It is an extremely well-deserved achievement and we are extremely glad to make this announcement.Human endeavour to excel has no limits if one sets to achieve it beyond the standard and normal excellence. Hanumantha Rao is a true example of this maxim, wherein he dared to change his career profile thrice during his devoted tenure of 30 years at Sathguru. It is regardless to mention that excelling in each career shift implies natural dedication and devotion to learning something new. Hanumantha Rao commenced his career at Sathguru in an accounting role, shifted base to a developer role on non-RDBMS databases and then shifted position to RDBMS based databases to become part of our core team that built several vertical ERP products to fame.

His dedication to learning, his focus on acquiring new skills, his perseverance to achieve excellence in what he does is a role model to others. His simplicity is outstanding and his down-to-earth nature comes out vividly in every conversation that one has with him.
He is an inspiration to young developers at Sathguru on how to build a long, sustainable, self-learning career of respect and pride in one organization in a mutually contributing manner.

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