With great pride, Sathguru is delighted to share the most pleasant news of being certified again as a “Great Place to Work” fifth time in a row. The most heartening news is that, this time it is even bigger ! 

We have improved on our ratings significantly on all fronts, reinforcing our shared workplace culture, trust, a sense of continued improvement and excellence, equal opportunity, and transparency.  

Our culture of trust and excellence along with our human resource practices has made us worthy of being recognized yet again and being a ‘great place to work’ certified for five consecutive years is a humongous success. This is one of the most coveted recognitions and it is our associate’s contribution and the selfless support of Sathguru’s extended family that has lead the way to this globally aspired recognition. 

In this current pandemic and the unseen era of transformation in the workplace, we hope for an environment of continuous innovation to engage the best and to set new standards that are way above our previous laurels. It’s the need of the hour to build oneness & coherence and we will continue to strengthen the bond which Sathguru nurtured over the years. Let every day be a new story of inspiration, and to actualize it, we will always be listening, caring, sharing, learning and creating a better workplace continuously collectively. 

Sathguru is devoted to maintaining a culture that values continuous learning, spirit of innovation, teamwork and multi-disciplinary ideation. We will continue to strive to create an environment that attracts, retains and empowers all our current and future associates and that’s the commitment we pledge for the trust, confidence and oneness that our associates have demonstrated as Team Sathguru. We can’t be asking anything more beautiful and purposeful than this during the current uncertain times. 

With prayers for Sathguru’s oneness and beyond to everyone in the world  

To many more milestones to cover…. Together we can and together we will! 

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