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It was a pleasant winter morning & I stepped in Sathguru on 11th Dec,1991 as an “office assistant”.
Wow!! 25 years at Sathguru has beenan incredible journey.It is a reflective moment. I was young, energetic and full of great expectations. The management gave me my first break with an opportunity for working in the accounts department as an Accountant & after that I have been climbing up every step of my career.

Back then we were barely 25 employees, 20 of us were bachelors and we worked together day and night as a family & friends & not as employees.

Before joining Sathguru, I have never seen a computer & was not even comfortable speaking in English.
Thanks to the emphasis on continuous learning & training at Sathguru, now I am not only an expert with my computer but also technically sound in my area of work& my communication skills.

I never dreamt of seeing an aero plane. In Sathguru I was given plenty of opportunities.
My first flight journey was to New Delhi in 2005 to visit Bangladesh embassy.
My first International trip to Cornell University, Ithaca and New York was in Nov,2010 for meeting with Dr.Ronnie Coffman, Ms.Tammy and Ms. Angie on project finance planning. This helped me in improving my skills in International accounting and the intricacies of project finance planning.
And followed were many more trips like Singapore, Sydney, Australia for BGRI workshops, to summer office with family ..

The management continuously recognized my sincerity & hard work and kept rewarding and motivating me. Over the years I have won multiple awards& few to mention are:
Best performance award in 2012-13& 2016 -17
Long service award in 2015 along with other colleges who completed 10 years

There are plenty of events & activities at Sathguru & I participate in every activity to balance my work life.
I have also been able to sharemiles of smileswith my family at home &my parents at my village.

I have seen the company grow and at every step the management supported every one of us to grow with the company.

For me even after 25 years,every day is a fresh start and a new learning. I would like to let my younger colleagues know that in Sathguru Opportunities are unlimited and one just has to work hard and grab them.

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