Become a Socially Responsible Individual

Sankalp and Cornell Sathguru Foundation for Development (CSFD) are social development arms of Sathguru management consultants. Through our initiatives we work to promote sustainable agriculture & rural development, child welfare especially work in the space of education, protection and enhancing the quality of lives of children.

Why Sathguru

Sathguru provides a unique opportunity for those students/people interested to learn about the social development sector and make a difference in the lives of marginalised communities. The exposure will help students/people to build empathy towards various social causes and evolve with sustainable solutions.

Who Can Apply

Internships are open to college graduates, master’s and doctoral students, who are interested in working with the social issues related to agriculture, social development and sustainability. Self-motivated learners who have a strong interest to drive sustainable social change are welcome to apply for internships. Good community skills and grip on local languages would be an advantage.

How could you be engaged:

  1. Contribute to agriculture and rural development project and engage with multi-stakeholders
  2. Contribute to building safer communities for children by creating awareness of child sexual abuse
  3. Promoting our causes through blogs, websites and social media platforms etc
  4. Support us to mobilise funds and proposals and further strengthen our causes.

Period of internship

Interns are welcome round the year. The minimum internship period is from one month and the maximum is 6 months to one year.

How to Apply:

Please fill in the application form or submit your CV via email to

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